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Offensive Engineer & Red Teamer

I am a technical architect/offensive engineer at SpecterOps where I help execute red team engagements, security research, offensive tool development, and security training. I am a former Microsoft PowerShell/CDM MVP and retain the OSCP and OSCE certifications. I’ve presented at a number of conferences including Black Hat, DEF CON, SO-CON, DerbyCon, ShmooCon, PSConfEU, Troopers, BlueHat Israel, CarolinaCon, and several Security BSides conferences on topics spanning AV-evasion, Active Directory, post-exploitation, red team tradecraft, BloodHound, malicious access control, malware, and offensive PowerShell. I am also the course architect for “Adversary Tactics: Red Team Operations” and formerly co-developed/taught the “Adaptive Red Team Tactics”, “Advanced PowerShell for Offensive Operations”, and “Adversary Tactics: PowerShell” training courses.

Co-Founder & Developer


A collection of security related tools


A graph-based attack path analysis tool.
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A PowerShell/Python post-exploitation agent

PowerView & PowerUp

Part of the PowerSploit post-exploitation framework


An AV-evasion framework


PowerShell post-exploitation framework

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