Empire 1.2

It’s been almost two weeks since since the release of Empire 1.1, but it’s already time for version 1.2! Here are the recent modifications:

  1. Components of the agent.ps1’s core shell functionality were streamlined and ported to WMI equivalents. We wanted to avoid using native binaries as much as possible in the case of command line auditing, and took the chance to clean up a bit of the agent core. help agentcmds in an agent menu will show the “opsec-safe” aliases we have implemented, and shell <CMD> will manually execute commands using normal execution.
  2. Minor UI/misc. tweaks- list [agents/listeners] <modifier> should now be a universal option on all menus, run is now an alias for execute on modules, and credentials collected from collection/prompt will automatically be scraped and thrown into the backend credential model.
  3. International support! We had several inquires about Empire agents failing to process taskings on non-English/US systems. This was finally identified as some issues with the Epoch sync used for anti-replay and some Unicode issues. We have limited systems to test this on, so if any users have lingering issues along these lines let us know.
  4. Andrew Bonstrom (@ch33kyf3ll0w) submitted a war stager, useful for Tomcat/JBoss/etc.
  5. Lots of new modules, now over 9000 over 100!

You can get the v1.2 code here, and as a reminder the Empire documentation is at www.PowerShellEmpire.com. We’re going to chill out on the dev spree to let these changes settle. If/when issues arise, hit us up with issuespull requests, or in the #psempire channel in Freenode.

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