Upgrading PowerUp With PSReflect

PowerUp is something that I haven’t written about much in nearly two years. It recently went through a long overdue overhaul in preparation for our “Advanced PowerShell for Offensive Operations” training class, and I wanted to document the recent changes and associated development challenges. Being one of the first PowerShell scripts I ever wrote, there was a LOT to clean …

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PowerUp: A Usage Guide

Note: this topic was cross-posted on the official Veris Group blog. PowerUp is the result of wanting a clean way to audit client systems for common Windows privilege escalation vectors. It utilizes various service abuse checks, .dll hijacking opportunities, registry checks, and more to enumerate common ways that you might be able to elevate on a target system. …

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On a recent assessment we ran into a situation where we needed to escalate privileges on a fairly locked down workstation. Kernel exploits (kitrap0d) wouldn’t work, so we fell back to an old classic, vulnerable windows services. While we couldn’t manipulate services directly, a custom system service purposely left its binary privileges open for compatibility …

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