Not A Security Boundary: Breaking Forest Trusts

For years Microsoft has stated that the forest was the security boundary in Active Directory. For example, Microsoft’s “What Are Domains and Forests?” document (last updated in 2014) has a “Forests as Security Boundaries” section which states (emphasis added): Each forest is a single instance of the directory, the top-level Active Directory container, and a …

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Another Word on Delegation

Every time I think I start to understand Active Directory and Kerberos, a new topic pops up to mess with my head. A few weeks ago, @elad_shamir contacted @tifkin_ and myself with some ideas about resource-based Kerberos constrained delegation. Thanks to Elad’s ideas, the great back and forth, and his awesome pull request to Rubeus, we now …

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From Kekeo to Rubeus

Kekeo, the other big project from Benjamin Delpy after Mimikatz, is an awesome code base with a set of great features. As Benjamin states, it’s external to the Mimikatz codebase because, “I hate to code network related stuff ; It uses an external commercial ASN.1 library inside.“ Kekeo provides (feature list not complete): The ability to request …

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